Because I love, I grieve

People experience loss daily. The grief felt as a result of loss is hard to deal with – let alone discuss and process. And, as a Nigerian-American, my experience has been that we often don’t talk about our emotions and many times veer away from topics that lend themselves to discussions about mental health. Unfortunately, […]

Bound No More

A number of aspects of Nigerian culture have maintained themselves as taboo throughout generations. Any iteration of mental crisis, like the suggestion that a loved one may be battling an unhealthy psychological state is often unacknowledged or stigmatized, and therefore not talked about in the ways that point towards healing. In engaging this topic we […]

[TMD Presents] Inside Out : A Mental Health Story ft. Chinomso D. Nwachuku

#TMDPresents : Inside Out , The Man Defined original series where we look into the many faces and phases of mental illness straight from those who’ve experienced the affects of it firsthand. These men share their stories of triumph, survival and their candid journeys to optimal mental health and wellness.     Meet Chinomso D. Nwachuku Chinomso D. Nwachuku, a DC […]