Meet the Team

Our Team

Chinomso D. Nwachuku, M.A.

From a young age, Chinomso enjoyed telling and listening to stories. As he got older, he experienced the healing and therapeutic powers in being the author of his own story. He also experienced the feeling of being deprived of the opportunity to tell his story. Chinomso believes that it is empowering when we become the authors of our own stories.

Tutu Shotonwa, LMHC

Mujidat Tutu Shotonwa is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in NYC. Growing up, she was always intrigued by the mental health field and work dedicated to understanding human behavior. She has experience supporting children, adolescents and adults with concerns including depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and eating disorders.

Uche Ukuku, Ph.D.

Dr. Uchechi Ukuku has long been intrigued with finding a way to infuse the largely Western concept of counseling with traditional African methods of healing. Her journey with mental health awareness began with a declaration at the age of 13 that she would become a psychologist.

Joy Ukaigwe, M.S.

As a daughter of Nigerian immigrants, she enjoys the oral history and sharing of stories but has noticed that people shy away from talking about their feelings. “Conceal, don’t feel, don’t let them know” has unfortunately been the norm.

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