Who We Are

TalkNaija.org was founded, by Nigerians for Nigerians, to help reduce the stigma faced by those with mental health conditions in the Nigerian community home and abroad. Talk Naija strives to equip those with mental health conditions with the resources to amplify their voices and to be able to share their stories to help empower and encourage others to seek treatment.

"TalkNaija is building a community to humanize and destigmatize mental illness within the Nigerian community."

Our Mission

We aim to do this by sharing people's stories of their own journeys with mental health issues and awareness, dispelling myths through guest experts, providing resources for those struggling as well as their families/support systems, providing a space for people to have seemingly tough conversations and ask questions in an area with no judgment, and ultimately encouraging those affected, in any way, to seek treatment.

Our Objectives

TalkNaija was founded to help Nigerians/Nigerian-Americans accomplish the following:

  • Empower and educate Nigerians to talk about mental health
  • Help reduce the stigma around mental illness in the Nigerian community
  • Provide mental health resources for Nigerians to live a mentally healthier life
  • Encourage Nigerians to seek treatment for mental illness.
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