Chidi Ndubueze, MHR, LPC-S, LADC-MH

Capable Counseling Services (CCS), LLC
The 3 major goals I help my clients work towards in therapy are healing, recovery, and change. I believe we are capable to heal, recover, and change, regardless of how deep we hurt, or how bad the situation seems. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor & Supervisor (LPC-S), as well as Alcohol/Drug Mental Health Counselor (LADC/MH), providing services to individuals, couples, and families across the state of Oklahoma. I am a Certified ADSAC Assessor and administer drug and alcohol (DUI/DWI) assessments which are court-ordered, or required for the reinstatement of driving privileges. I work with children, adolescents and their families. I also work with adults and couples. Because my clients have individual needs that bring them to therapy, we develop goals to meet such individual needs and evaluate our progress as we work towards set goals, through conventional or faith-based approach. I believe that God holds the key to the solution of our problems, and I rely on His guidance as I help the individuals, couples, and families I see, go through the process of recovery, healing, and change.
4917 N Portland Ave Oklahoma City, OK 73112
United States

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