Leslie Nwoke, MD

Dr. Leslie Nwoke is a physician and executive coach. She is the founder and CEO of HeartWork Now, the online learning and personal development platform. She believes embracing our emotions is the path to living in our purpose. She has a diverse background in medicine, global health, and nonprofit leadership. As a physician, she’s cared for patients with psychiatric disorders, providing medical management and therapeutic interventions. She co-founded The Ruby Project, a nonprofit offering mentorship for girls with a trauma background, and Making Noise, Inc., an advocacy organization for African sex trafficking survivors. She provided health education and trauma rehabilitation programming for trafficking survivors in Ethiopia and Italy. In 2017, she was selected as a StartingBloc Social Innovations Fellow, joining a premier group of innovators and leaders. She was crowned as Miss Nigeria in America in 2004 and later given the “Woman of Excellence Award” by the same organization in 2009. Other than her love for emotions and social justice, she loves her husband and children, tiramisu, and every album by Celine Dion.
Atlanta, GA
United States

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