Nnamdi Rashid Okafor, MS, MA, PCCI

Center For Thoughtful Lasting Change
I specialize in treatment and developing self-efficacy in CHILDREN from infancy to adolescence (including children with SPECIAL NEEDS) and INDIVIDUALS. I also treat clients within the familial unit including PARENTS, DYADS and TRIADS. I also provide services to FATHERS, MEN and African-Americans as well. I utilize an approach to process, motivate and empower clients to understand and bring out their strengths as well as increase their self-awareness. I define a working relationship between myself and the client. I then process with the client the issues that are important to them; as well as their thoughts, feelings, emotions, and behavior in relation to them. I motivate the client to understand they have everything in them to be successful.
9606 Tierra Grande Street 203San Diego, CA 92126
United States

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