Tunde Ali, Ph.D, ACSW

Clinical Therapist
As a dedicated clinical therapist and administrator with over fifteen years of work in the mental health, medical social work, social services, general counseling, and crisis intervention. Extensively trained in the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness and personality disorders, I have provided numerous years of successful services to different individual clients, organizations, and communities. I am a compassionate and solution-oriented psychotherapist. I ran a successful counseling and intervention program for children, adult, and youth; and dedicated to providing exceptional care and devising creative treatment plans for clients dealing with personality and behavior issues. My clinical and theoretical knowledge are vital aspects of my professional proficiency. I am culture competent and sensitive to the needs of the population that I serve. Skills Expertise in crisis intervention techniques *Critical thinking interventionist *Strengths-based solution-focused counseling and therapy *Case management *Strategic planning capability *DSM-IV & V knowledge * Group therapy specialist *Psychosocial assessments expert *Compassionate, Organized and Reliable *Depression and anxiety specialist *Play therapy *Extensive knowledge of Bipolar disorder *Motivational enhancement therapy *Culturally-sensitive *Youth mentor *Adept at working with special needs children
Chicago, IL
United States

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