Uche Chukwureh, MA, LPC-S

Human problems and suffering reside with every society and have proved to be ageless. In accepting the reality of the pain and suffering one needs commitment to explore the gamut of human experiences and emerge ready to carry on with some healing and hope for tomorrow." The decision to pursue therapy is a journey to bring balance in the midst of the chaos that surrounds everyday life. Let the journey begin as you take the first step toward hope, healing, and wholeness. I enjoy working with men, young adults, teenagers and children. It is important to embrace emotional education as an integral part of a man's life. When consulting with men, exploration of male gender orientation, the impact of societal expectations on masculinity provides an atmosphere to grow healthy views that supports participation in the lives of the ones we love. I also work with other individuals, couples, and families to help them find healthy solutions to the challenges of daily living. I have extensive experience providing counseling to children in the care of Child Protective Services, group/residential setting, foster care and adoption. Evening and weekend appointments only.
9518 Tioga Drive San Antonio, TX 78230
United States

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