Hughes Izuchukwu, MSc

Afropsych Therapy Clinic Ltd
I am a practice-oriented Psychotherapist and Author ("The Psychology of Homosexual Behaviour"), experienced in diverse cases of enduring Mental Health difficulties prevalent in childhood, adolescent, young adult and adult ages. I lecture Psychology and Clinical Psychology in Higher Institutions, and perform excellently in client-centred clinical tasks on Psychosomatic symptoms, Post Trauma symptoms, Personality and Conduct Disorders; Sex Orientation and Family/Systemic Disorders. and Adolescent Opposition Disorders, Substance-misuse and Bi-polar Disorders. I voluntarily patronize emotionally unstable adults in Homes and in primary care by providing brief combination of Psychodynamic therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. I run culture-specific Psychological assessments and Psycho-educational workshops on Neuro-vegetative symptoms, including: Stress, Depression, Anxiety, Anger and Pains. The inter-connection between these symptoms and physical illnesses, including Cancer, High blood pressure, Cardio-vascular disorders and Psychosomatic cases are alleviated in my Clinic, and on visit or Outreach basis. My ability to operate across a range of therapeutic modalities may be highly desirable as I handle clients of different backgrounds and cultures. Moreover, I undertake clinical assessment of persons with symptoms of mental health challenges, using Interviews, Scales such as the Africa-oriented Somatization Scale; Projective Tests and Family/Health Histories. Based on clinical assessments, I work in collaboration with clients to correct maladaptive negative thoughts, inner drives and derogatory individual self-esteem; and promote realistic self-understanding, self-management and self-control.
United Kingdom

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