Kemi Huntley, LPC

Huntley Counseling Center
My name is Kemi Huntley, owner of Huntley Counseling Center, where I provide Mental Health Counseling to children, teenagers, and adults. I specialize in treating Anxiety and Depression specifically but treat other mental health disorders as well. I have been in the Mental Health field for 8 years and started my private practice in 2015, where I provide Donation Based Counseling services. My approach is individualized and eclectic. Stylistically, I try to encourage my clients to become self-confident and empowered. My goal is for clients to have a more positive outlook on their lives. I provide my clients with the tools that he/she can use so that they can eventually be their own counselor. My vision for Huntley Counseling Center is to reach individuals, no matter their background or issues they face and be a beacon of hope, positivity, encouragement, and challenge. When I am not helping clients, I enjoy watching movies, singing, road trips, exercising, and spending time with family and friends.
7950 Nations Ford Rd. Suite 16 Charlotte, NC 28217

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