Uche Ukuku, Ph.D.


Rarely does one hear the child of Nigerian immigrants say, “I want to be a psychologist.” Yet, Uchechi Ukuku has long been intrigued with finding a way to infuse the largely Western concept of counseling with traditional African methods of healing. Her journey with mental health awareness began with a declaration at the age of 13 that she would become a psychologist. In 2011, she graduated from the University of Georgia with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and went on to pursue both her Master of Education in Community Counseling and Doctorate in Counseling Psychology from the University of Oklahoma in 2016.

Currently, Dr. Ukuku is a licensed psychologist in private practice and a part-time Supervising Psychologist specializing in the treatment of trauma throughout the lifespan. She believes that while there are many differences between methods of healing in different cultures, there is a constant theme that connection breeds change. She believes that we were never meant to walk this life alone. Therefore, she has dedicated her life to creating spaces in which people can feel safe enough to become vulnerable with others for the purpose of change.

When she takes off her counselor cape, Uche is a die-hard college football fan (Go Dawgs), lover of all things Nigerian (especially goat stew and dancing), writer, unpaid comedian, crafter, but most importantly a daughter, sister, and friend.

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