One of the main aims of has been to increase access to therapy for Nigerians across the diaspora. We are taking another step towards this goal through the creation of the TalkNaija Therapy Fund, which has been funded by our vast community. Each quarter we select a new cohort of people to fund 8 sessions for up to $120 per session. We believe that removing barriers to treatment will change a generation.

Please note to be eligible for this grant you must be of Nigerian descent (including first and second generation immigrants)

The information on this form will only be used in connection with the TalkNaija Therapy Fund and will only be accessible to designated board members of TalkNaija.

The information on this form will allow us to receive the required information needed to select participants and provide you with funds. Please note that filling out this form does not guarantee immediate placement into the cohort. We will notify you within 4 weeks of completing this form if you are approved. You may only be selected to receive the funds once per year. Once you have been selected and have chosen a therapist, we will send the funds directly to that therapist upon receipt of an invoice. You may also be eligible to receive reimbursement upon submitting proof of payment. You can search for a therapist from Therapy for Black Girls, Therapy for Black men, Open Path Collective, and Psychology Today.

We look forward to helping to facilitate your healing.

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